A well-known and award-winning performer from the nation of Nigeria, Burna Boy lights up the music industry with a brand-new, incredible hit song called “12 Jewels.”

He contributed the musical prowess of American rapper and musician RZA to this song.

This new song is taken from Burna Boy’s most recent album, “I Told Them Album,” which has 15 amazing tracks that highlight his extraordinary musical abilities.

This song not only exhibits his extraordinary musical ability but also exudes a catchy rhythm and wonderful lyrics that will undoubtedly make you want to dance together.

Some are naturally talented. Burna Boy is only one of many talented musicians who have received recognition for their acting and vocals.

According to the singer, the ideal sound is invigorating like fresh air, and blends the electronic and percussive vibrations of electronic dance music with the dynamic tempo and intensity of Afrobeat.

Finally, add this stylish new music to your playlist; it will eventually become a timeless classic that makes you feel better rather than worse.

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