Nigeria’s song scene has been ablaze with skills in recent years, and one name that has been making waves both domestically and internationally is Tems. With her soulful voice and fascinating songwriting, Tems has carved out a niche for herself inside the track enterprise. And now, she’s ready to take the sector via typhoon with her debut album, “BORN IN THE WILD.”

Released on June 7th, 2024, “BORN IN THE WILD” is a testament to Tems’ artistry and musical prowess. The album boasts 18 strong tracks that showcase her versatility as an artist. From heartfelt ballads to infectious bangers, Tems resultseasily navigates via distinctive genres, leaving listeners in awe of her expertise.


1. Born in the Wild

2. Special Baby (Interlude)

3. Burning

4. Wickedest

5. Love Me JeJe

6. Get it Right (feat. Asake)

7. Ready

8. Gangsta

9. Unfortunate

10. Boy O Boy

11. Forever

12. Free Fall (feat. J. Cole)

13. Voices in My Head (Interlude)

14. Turn Me Up

15. Me & U

16. T-Unit

17. You in My Face

18. Hold On