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Wizard Chan – Mr Sailor Man

Incredibly skilled Nigerian performer and dancer, Wizard Chan has released a spanking new throbbing tune titled “Higher Powers.”

He used the musical prowess of amazing Nigerian musician Boma Nime to liven it up.

Furthermore, the inspiration for this new thriller comes from his recently released debut EP, “The Messenger EP.” Nine excellent tracks altogether from this new debut project highlight his composition and vocal prowess.

Some people are born artists. Wizard Chan is only one of several talented musicians who have received acting and voice honors.

The singer compares the right sound to fresh air in terms of energy. It blends electronic dance music’s electrical and percussion vibrations with the quick tempo and intensity of Afrobeat.

Finally, put this stylish new song on repeat since, in the end, it will become a timeless classic that makes you feel better rather than worse.

Listen and share your thoughts below:


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